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Garage Door Screens

We really like to stay on top of the trends when it comes to all things garage door related, from the newest technologies to the latest products. So we were really intrigued and excited when we heard about people installing screen doors onto their garage space. Garage door screens…what a novel idea!

We hadn’t thought to do this before, but it makes so much sense. It is especially smart if you use your garage as a work space or additional room to your house! It means that you can still have the screen door shut and locked closed which keeps you safe while you allow all that natural air flow into the garage.

Our question at this point is how does it operate functionally with the actual garage door. Well, from what we’ve seen it actually has to replace the regular garage door, it basically becomes the new garage door and works the exact same way, so it is just installed on the track as a normal door would be. It is very secure and the mesh is thick enough that people can’t easily see into the garage making it so you can still keep your privacy.

The jury is still out on our side if we would choose to replace our regular garage door with a screen door, but it is something to consider for summertime!


Lisa believed the man was there to steal from her. Indeed, not too far away, on a street called Droxford, one family’s garage had already been broken into. Two weeks before Lisa found a man in her own garage — hunched over the boxes of summer clothes and Christmas decorations she had only recently stored there, his t-shirt riding up and revealing the waist of his jeans and the skin of his lower back — two burglars broke into the Anderson’s garage and stole $200 worth of power tools. The Anderson’s were on vacation in the Catskills. The neighbors had heard nothing.

At the Anderson’s, the burglars did not enter the home. They rifled through all the boxes and containers stacked against the walls of the garage before turning their attention to the workbench, where various brand name tools were stored in plain view. The burglars likely saw dollar signs, said Harris County Precinct One Constable Alan Rosen. “If you have yard equipment or tools, those are easily pawned,” he added. His theory was later confirmed when, a week following the reported burglary, the tools stolen from the Anderson’s garage showed up at the Harris County Pawn Shop on Foothill Blvd.

According to Rosen, there are locks on the inside of most garage doors. He recommends using it for added protection, especially at night when you and your family are inside sleeping. Most criminals can get into your home once they make entry into your garage that’s why Rosen also recommends locking the door into your house. In most cases, this should be enough to stop an attempted intrusion. Unless the person who is attempting to enter your garage already had the key, like the young man Lisa interrupted as he searched through her things. At one time, she had regarded him as a son. Lisa had her own advice for her friends and neighbors. “When you pull in shut your garage door immediately. We have to be careful,” she said.

Stay Safe!

Stay safe friends! There is a big concern lately buzzing around on the news about people stealing garage door openers from people’s unlocked cars and then using it to enter the garage and home once the person leaves. The scary part is that no alarms will go off and there will be no way of you knowing that someone has broken into your home because they aren’t breaking in. They are using your garage door opener to just walk in. It is so invasive and smart on their part.

So, how can you help prevent this from happening? The first step is to make sure you lock your car doors no matter what. Even if you are just making a quick dash back in the house you need to lock your car doors. Next, keep your garage door opener out of site inside your car. Keep it in the middle console or somewhere not easily seen. Or better yet get a keychain garage door opener of program your phone or car to open it!. The next best thing you can do is make sure to keep your garage door closed at all times  too unless you are going to be outside monitoring it. And the final thing we advise is make sure to lock the door from your garage into your home in the worst case that someone does enter your garage at least they can’t get into your home. Stay safe from these bad people!


Since the garage door’s inception, and especially since it’s increasing popularity after the end of World War II, a wooden garage door has been the standard bearer in garage door aesthetics. Historically, customizing a wooden garage door by painting it a new color or adorning it with some sort of artwork — landscapes and portraits were popular choices for the earliest garages — was the best a design-savvy homeowner could do if he hoped for his home to stand out from the crowd. Luckily for homeowners of the modern age, long gone are these days of artistic constraint. The garage doors of today aren’t only made of wood — now homeowners can choose the garage door that best reflects their personal style and taste from among a wide range of materials.
The most modern choice of these modern garage door styles is a garage door made of glass. However, glass garage doors are only recently growing in popularity, due to the garage door buying public’s long held (though misguided) belief that glass garage doors are more fragile than wooden ones. Not so. There’s no need to worry about your glass garage door breaking, as long as the door has an aluminum frame. Aluminum garage door frames have integral reinforcement, and if you select an insulated glass door to go inside of it, it will be strong enough to withstand the typical elements. Glass panels in an aluminum frame permit the perfect amount of light without compromising privacy, and they accentuate the architectural lines of a modern style home. Ask your preferred garage door technician to help you customize your glass and the aluminum panels with replaceable vinyl bottom weather seal, color-matched hardware, and design options that include finish and color. You should find that the possibilities for your glass garage door are many.

Dallas Garage Doors | 24 Hour Service

Some services are ok to only operate during regular business hours. Or if they need to provide service outside of that time frame they have options available. Like a bank, if you need money outside of the regular hours you can use the atm. But garage door repair is not something you should have to wait for which is why we provide 24 hour service.

When your garage door breaks down it puts your house and family at higher risk for people breaking in or stealing from your car or home. That is why you shouldn’t wait at all to call a tech in. Dallas Garage Doors has someone available to take your call and get a tech to you as soon as possible. The best part of our 24 hour service is that we will never charge you  more for the same day or emergency service. Your safety is our main concern and we are here to make sure as far as your garage door is concerned we are keeping you safe.

So, if you have an issue at 2am don’t hesitate give us a call right away. It is never ever worth putting your family or belongings at risk. Even one night of a broken garage door can be a huge problem because it tells people looking to break in that your home is an easy target. So don’t spend the whole night tossing and turning because your garage door is broken, just give us a call and we’ll get it back on track!


Following weeks of reports of intrusions made successful through the use of stolen garage door openers and garage doors left open too long, NBC News Tulsa has published a helpful list of things homeowners can do to prevent the garage from becoming the gateway to theft and vandalism.

#1 on their list: lock the garage door. It’s pretty common practice among suburbanites to leave the interior door of the garage unlocked, even when they aren’t at home. But though the main garage door may be closed, if that door leading into your home is open, thieves can find a way to get into the garage and then into your home. Best to keep that door locked whether you’re home or not.

#2: Never leave the garage door open for a long period of time. Leaving your garage open means anyone and everyone can peer inside, gawk at your belongings, and take a mental picture, then mentally circle all the things in that picture of your garage that they want and can easily carry. Leaving your garage door open for too long means the fancy racing bike your husband got you for Christmas last year will be history. Those boxes of antique china are toast.

Third thing to keep in mind? Hide your garage door opener, then hide your kids and hide your wife. Theft of garage door openers is on the rise, and they’re often stolen out of unlocked cars, and those cars are often left inside of open, unattended garages (see rule #2). Once burglars have your garage door opener, they can use it to enter into your home (if they know where you live) and also into the homes of others. Hide your garage door opener as a favor to yourself and to your neighbors.

Dallas Garage Doors | Springs in Fall?

As the holidays are approaching one of the last things you are probably thinking about is your garage door. But the fall can be one of the most important times to do safety checks on your door. You want to make sure as it is getting colder outside that your garage door is working right and that you don’t run into any problems. One of the most important parts of your garage door is the springs. The springs counterbalance the weight of the door as it lifts and lowers and they carry an extreme amount of tension. So if anything goes wrong with your springs then it can wreck havoc on the door or anything around. That is why it is so important to make sure they are working optimally!

Dallas Garage Door Repair | Something we give free with each service!

A smile.

No, we’re kidding.  Not only is that really cheesy, but we charge for those.

I kid again.  Anyway, time for a pop quiz:  What do we give out free with every service we perform?  (Unfortunately, you have no word bank.  Be creative!)

Give up?  Our expertise, and our knowledge.  With every garage door service we do, we bring something that most other companies don’t have–  A plethora of knowledge, training, and experience that sets us apart from the rest by making our services expert quality rather than something that some guy does in his spare time.  You won’t find that itemized on our invoice, either, because it’s just another way that we’re committed to going above and beyond for you!

Dallas Garage Doors | Why we are Different!

From reading that title you must be wondering how any garage door company is any different than any other. You would be surprised at how much we differ from our competitors. The first thing that differentiates us is our same day and emergency garage door services that we will never charge extra for. You will never have to wait to be “fit” into our schedule, we will work around you to the absolute best of our abilities. The next thing that makes us stand out is our professionalism and exceptional work standard. We treat every single job as if it is our own garage door; meaning we will do the best possible job on the service no matter what it is because we are holding ourselves to a very high standard. So many garage door companies in the area will not give you such great service at such affordable prices. Try us out and if you aren’t happy we’ll be surprised.

Dallas Garage Door Repair | Have you been tested?

Have you?

I know that sounds kind of ominous, and we assure you, we’re not talking about _that_ sort of test, but have you had your garage door tested?  There is an important sort of test that most people neglect, but it is absolutely imperative that you test it regularly:  Force and reverse safety tests.  These tests, which are a part of routine maintenance, make sure that when your garage door bumps into something, whether it’s a child, dog, car, or cardboard box, it will immediately reverse course rather than destroy or main whatever is in it’s path.

When was the last time you had your garage door tested?

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